Saturday, May 25, 2019

Dave Hargrave Day (2019)

To celebrate Dave Hargrave Day this year some of us are trying to pull some things out of the defunct Google+ Archives.

This was published on Google+ on May 25, 2018 by Marcus.
 David A. Hargrave, author and originator of Arduin, passed away on August 29, 1988. For those who knew him, FRP has not been quite the same ever since. His skills as a Game Master were unmatched, his ability as a storyteller unparalleled, and his game style unrivaled. Those who were fortunate enough to sit at his table and actually learn from him are, to this day, some of the best, finest, and most accomplished FRP gamers, GMs, and all around decent folk in the world today.
David A. Hargrave gave the gaming world a magnificent legacy with his world of Arduin. It was obviously a labor of love on his part, and was done as best he knew how. He left behind so very, very much of himself that, to me at least, it’s sometimes hard to grasp that 28 years have passed since the Dream Weaver crossed over from this world to Arduin. A lot has happened in the intervening years and I for one only wish David was still here with us to see it and take part in it and run the very best RPG the world has ever seen.
Those of us who knew him have both good and bad memories of him. But as time heals all wounds, I think it’s safe to say most of us remember clearly more of the good and not so much of the bad. When it came to Arduin and role playing though, it was always good, no matter who you were or what your character was. And when David really put forth the effort, he was simply the best GM there ever was. EVER!!!
He could reduce you to tears, convulse you with laughter and scare the living bejesus out of you and even if every single character in the game died, you'd be back as soon as you could, over and over and over because it was such a great ride, such a great game, such a great time. Nobody could do it like David.
If there is one thing that life teaches us, it is that hindsight is 20/20. It is mankind's boon and curse. Without it, if we don't learn from it, we are bound to repeat it. With it though, are the seeds of regret and regret is a hellish curse best left alone.
But we can't leave it alone, because we all have it, so we deal with it as best we can. I have sincere regrets about the way David and I parted company; we had a falling out and we never had the opportunity or took the simple chance to say “I’m Sorry” to one another. I've tried to deal with my regrets over the past 3 decades by doing what I can to promote David A. Hargrave's Arduin, to keep what he held most dear alive.
In the end, if David taught us anything at all in his games it would be this:
Be Honest.
Be Truthful and Honorable.
Be Loyal to your Cause whatever it may be.
Move Forward, always Forward in life as best you can.
Have Faith and Keep it, whatever your Faith may be.
Believe that in the end, when all is said and done, that if you have done your Best, it has all been for the good, and it will have been Enough.
 Then on May 31st of 2018 Billy Green posted this on Google+ after Paul Mosher passed away.
To honor Dave Hargrave you must also recognize those that have kept Arduin alive through the years. Not just the ones that kept Arduin in print but the ones that have such a deep passion and belief in the game concepts and have diligently kept the fires burning for 30 years. I speak most highly of my friend Paul Mosher who has done his best to continue and promote Dave's legacy to the best of his ability. And he did so until his end. He has past the torch to his closest friends and now it is up to us to continue. The path is long. The path is dark. I for one am confident that the end will be reached. I am surrounded by friends that share a common love for the game. And I believe now that Dave and Paul will guide the way. Arduin will see light again.