Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Support the Secrets of Blackmoor documentary

This is a great project that they have been working on for five years. I appreciate that there was no Kickstarter way back. They have plugged away getting all of the interviews on film and organizing it and now they just need the funds to have the professionals help them turn the footage  into a professional product for release. Please help support the final stage of this product.
If you have not seen posts in other places, Secrets of Blackmoor the documentary is trying to raise funds to offset expenses on the final stages of the film. Having seen that a lot of people over worked and under delivered on kick Starter we are trying a different approach. We are offering T-shirts for sale. These are original limited edition T-shirts by Bob Bledsaw of judges guild. Bob was kind enough to donate his art to the project.
So it isn't like you pay your money and... You didn't even get the T-shirt. *groan*
You can get a T-shirt here: www.secretsofblackmoor.com(navigate to the Shop and you are there!)

If that is not enough, if you get a shirt before Sept. 2, we will also give you a FREE access code to see a 35 minute draft of the film.
You can see a sample from the movie draft here: 

You can also check out our blog where we post about all kinds of game related things:www.secretsofblackmoor.com/blog/quick-and-dirty-disposable-dungeons-part-1-the-map